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Modifying the Philips Videpac G7000

This is a quick draft, later I will add pictures and diagrams

I recently acquired a Philips Videopac G7000, but it was in fairly poor condition.

I decided to modify it to give it new life. As it came with unoriginal joysticks hardwired, I decided that I wanted to install joystick ports that were compatible with Atari/Commodore joysticks.

I also wanted to get rid of the RF modulator as well as the internal power supply.

I found that the built-in PSU supplys 5 volts to the main board and as far as I can se it can provide a maximum of 1.6 amperes. I found a suitable external powersupply and tried feeding the main board with it, that was a success so I discarded the built-in PSU.

After a short search for G7000 composite mod, I found several articles describing how to do it. I chose the simplest one that works with my TV.

I did not want to destroy the RF modulater in case my composite mod did not work correctly so I took a floppy-power-connector from an old ATX power supply as it has almost the same size as the original plug that goes from the RF modulator to the main board.

The colors in the original plug are as follows:

  • Yellow wire – Ground
  • Red wire – Video signal
  • Brown wire – 5 volt
  • Black wire – Audio signal

With the floppy power connector it became:

  • Red wire – Ground
  • Black wire – Video signal
  • Black wire – 5 volt
  • Yellow wire – Audio signal

The joysticks were hardwired into the computer, but were actually attached to the main board with plugs. I cut the wires and soldered them to DB9 plugs I inserted in the chassis.

In my G7000 the wire colors are as follows:

  • Black – Ground
  • White – Up
  • Yellow – Down
  • Orange – Left
  • Green – Right
  • Red – Trigger

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