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My 1st assembler game for CX16 – part 3 (final part)

Continuing from part 2 where finished by getting the initial game screen shown. In the meantime I have made it to a playable version of the game. This time I won’t be showing of a lot of code listings and so on, instead I will try to walk through the process I have been through,…

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My 1st assembler game for CX16 – part 2

Continuing from part 1 where I created 3 small functions: GotoXY, HLine and VLine. I am going to create a couple more “helper” functions as well as the function that will initialize the screen and make it ready to start the game. First I will look at the function to print a string on the…

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My 1st assembler game for CX16 – part 1

After I got done with Hello World in assembler for the Commander X16, I needed a new project to keep on learning about assembler programming for the 6502 processor and the CX16. As usual, when I need an idea, I could not think of anything that would fit. But one day I was playing a…

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