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Commodore 64 to Commander X16 converter

Here I want to provide an example of a very very simple program for the Commodore 64 and what is needed in order to convert that program to run on the Commander X16 First the small progam that uses direct memory access to write to the screen. The result should look something like this: Here…

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My 1st assembler game for CX16 – part 3 (final part)

Continuing from part 2 where finished by getting the initial game screen shown. In the meantime I have made it to a playable version of the game. This time I won’t be showing of a lot of code listings and so on, instead I will try to walk through the process I have been through,…

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My 1st assembler game for CX16 – part 2

Continuing from part 1 where I created 3 small functions: GotoXY, HLine and VLine. I am going to create a couple more “helper” functions as well as the function that will initialize the screen and make it ready to start the game. First I will look at the function to print a string on the…

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My 1st assembler game for CX16 – part 1

After I got done with Hello World in assembler for the Commander X16, I needed a new project to keep on learning about assembler programming for the 6502 processor and the CX16. As usual, when I need an idea, I could not think of anything that would fit. But one day I was playing a…

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Hello, World on Commander X16

First things first. I have been following The 8-bit Guys dream computer for quite a while now and finally decided that I would like to try my hand on some assembler programming for it. I grew up with the Commodore 64, but never got beyond BASIC programming on it. Instead I jumped to the PC…

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